Monday, June 22, 2009


Where does the time go?
Where is it written that the clock speeds up as you age?

It seems as I get older time just gets that much faster.
As I remember, and that can be a struggle for me some days, in my younger years
it took forever for school to be out for the summer, Christmas was a lifetime away, and a year was the slowest thing in the world!

Now as the clock buzzes me awake when I just shut my eyes, I slowly rise and listen to all of the old joints pop and creak. I down that cup of coffee as I grind the sleep from my eyes and map out my day. As the second cup is poured the old man heads out the door to run his rat race, five minutes later in comes the grandbaby all giggles and smiles. Thank god it is giggles and grins and not his monster within! LOL! I just might be able to get that third cup in. Have you gathered yet that coffee is my drug yet?

The day is mapped just as all of the others are now lets get started! Dishes in the dishwasher, laundry is going, baby fed rocked and now is napping. Dog is out doing his dog stuff. Oh good I can now get to the important stuff! ME! and what I do. Off to my sewing world, planning to finish some last creations then off to post them to the world. Just a few stitches and a button or two left to do. Well crap there goes the phone, yes dear I can go to the store for you, oh yes I will be there to pick you up daughter now why is it that you are leaving work early again, baby is up got to run with that now, oh man can't forget to take something out of the freezer for dinner, dog wants in, dog wants out, washer is finished load it again! Blink, Blink, well look there it getting dark out, where in the world did the day go and still tons to get finished in my world and their's!

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