Sunday, November 1, 2009

Set the Clocks Back

Well we have reached that time of year again. Time to gain back that hour that was robbed from me last Spring! I was so excited yesterday, Yea! my hour was coming back home! Oh good hurry up night and let me get to bed, I want to meet up with my old friend so bad! LOL! yeah right!
Clocks were set back as I snuggled down under the covers and listened to the rain pour out the window, Agh! this is so nice! And then what happens! That old friend that I had missed all of these months slaps me across the face! You are kidding me, I am awake a hour earlier than normal, why oh why! I just can't believe that you would leave me my friend and then come back to just cheat me again!
Fine! Have it your way but you had better not talk my other friend nap into partying with you today!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

What a deal!

I have decided to move on from creating my purses and with this I am clearing out what I have left. Prices are marked at a lose to me but man what a gain for you buyers! Great as a gift for yourself, or just as a super great gift for someone on your shopping list. Don't let these get away from you

All of these can be found in my shop on etsy...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

No More Boring Lunches

We are long time lunch carriers here at my house, and lunches just got a tad bit funnier! LOL! Is that a word?
I want to introduce a new lunch bag series. "The Sunday Comics" which will be a series of three classic comic strips. The first up is "bettle bailey" and all of his laziness! Right now I have the snack bag set and the matching sandwich bag, with a matching lunch tote coming very soon.

These are wonderful bags to go green with. All three are a great size to hold just about anything that you could want for lunch. All of my children and their families have been using these, even my pre-schooler grandson. He thinks his spiderman bags are the coolest!
And lets not forget just how much money that you are able to save by buying in bulk, and by not having to buy all of those silly plastic bags.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Mouse needs a New House

Yes I am going to semi-retire from purse making. With that said I am trying to find a
new home for this very cute Mickey Mouse shell bag.

So do you have room for my Mouse?

Monday, October 12, 2009

What's new under the FigTree

I have listed brand new items today in my etsy shop.
Great eco-conscious sandwich bags. Check them out, great
outer designs plus to easiness of a no rip nylon lining.
These would make wonderful stocking stuffers and secret santa

And lets not forget that this month is Breast Cancer Month.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What fun we had!

Better late then never. But since I have taken so long to let everybody know how the vacation was I thought I would just let you watch a sample of it!

It was so much fun! We ran fast and played hard! And yes I would do it again and again and again!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Vacation Time! I just can't wait!

Hello Everyone! And yes I haven't posted anything new to my blog in a while. Sorry about that but it has been just down right crazy around here. Of course the baby is eating the most of my time away, but he is growing so fast! I can't believe that he is already a year old, man slow the world down it is just passing by this old lady way to fast.
We had a back slash with my health issues but I think that we are back on the right track again. And if you know me at all you know our baby is in San Diego. We will be leaving next week for a visit with him. God I haven't seen him since last November and man do I miss him. But that is the Navy for you so I just have to make the most of what time we have together. But here is the highlight of my vacation, at least I hope that it will be. He is taking me to LA to the fabric district for an afternoon of fabric looking (shopping! just don't tell the husband! LOL!) I have been doing some research on line and man I am just toooo excited for words! I just can't wait! Can't wait to give that boy a very large and long hug, can't wait to spend time out by the pool basking in the sun, and can't wait to visit Fabric Heaven. LOL! At least it will seem like heaven to me. I am such a fabric whore! LOL!
Here are just a few of my latest so check them out and show some love please.