Wednesday, October 21, 2009

No More Boring Lunches

We are long time lunch carriers here at my house, and lunches just got a tad bit funnier! LOL! Is that a word?
I want to introduce a new lunch bag series. "The Sunday Comics" which will be a series of three classic comic strips. The first up is "bettle bailey" and all of his laziness! Right now I have the snack bag set and the matching sandwich bag, with a matching lunch tote coming very soon.

These are wonderful bags to go green with. All three are a great size to hold just about anything that you could want for lunch. All of my children and their families have been using these, even my pre-schooler grandson. He thinks his spiderman bags are the coolest!
And lets not forget just how much money that you are able to save by buying in bulk, and by not having to buy all of those silly plastic bags.


  1. Cute! That sandwich looks good, ha ha :)

  2. what a fun and FAB idea!! cute!!

  3. Oh so cool! Great to have something to read when you're eating LOL!